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Hilarious dude fucks unsuspecting teen girly. PART TWO!!

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Uploaded in: Porn Stars
by: johnthedogg on Sep 26, 2007 at 02:37 PM

This is part two of the ultimate porno saga, he says crap that makes me laugh like fuck every time I watch it, I simply can't wank off to this, it's too funny. I downloaded this dvd as it contained Tory Lane, who we all know is a pure fucking beast in every respect. Now then, this guy, not only does he look like a really bad version of the bad dude in the 2nd Karate kid movie, but he's much more funny. This poor girl looks startled from the outset, and she even tries to join in his random abusive comments by shouting FUCCCCCCCCK YEEEEEEEAH every now and again. Basically this dude, who I definitely am keeping an eye out for, for comedy reasons, does nothing but say pointless crap ALL the way through this video, he says it in Satans own voice, and even makes a safety comment about legal ages and such forth. Wait for him blowing his load at the end, it made me almost crap, I laughed so hard.

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