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bed Porn Videos

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The bed is enormous. “King size” doesn't come close to describing it. You could fit at least ten strapping lads on its girth without a problem here on There are only three on it at this moment, but they're making good use of the space. There naked bodies wrap together, rustling sheets and rolling pillows with every move. One man bends another over on the duvet, taking him from behind like he's breaking a bucking bronco. The man joyfully bites the pillow as he's plowed from behind like a snow bank after a deep winter. The third man licks the first's ass like it's an all-you-can-eat buffet. The cushioning of the enormous mattress is soft as clouds and the men bounce on it playfully. There is no squeaking of springs because this mattress is the Cadillac of all mattresses. They now rotate positions. One man stands against the headboard of the bed while another vacuums his dick clean. The third man sneaks his way in. He places his rod next to the other man's, inviting himself into the wet polishing. The man takes two cocks in his mouth, a seemingly impossible task that he makes look easy. This bed, and all that happens on it, is the stuff of dreams. The two men explode in the third's mouth and all over his face; their cum pooling together to form a juicy concoction. As they breathe heavily in unison, one man picks up a pillow and blasts another in the face with it. They laugh together, the other two men grabbing pillows.

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