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biceps Porn Videos

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Some people will say otherwise, but we here at spankwire have found that big arms usually means a better fuck. If what you are looking for in a man is big biceps and a tight ass, then spankwire has exactly what you are looking for. We have all of your favorite ripped gay pornstars, who are oiled up and bent over just waiting for you to watch them get their meat and assholes eaten. These are the fairies that everyone wants in their beds: broad backs, toned bodies, gorgeous abs and a zealous passion for taking hard-on's in every hole. Imagine two hot wrestlers practicing late through the night, and after so long of being pressed up against each other neither one of them can hold back any longer. In their last throes, their arms are grasped tight and flexed while the both of them are quivering and covered in beads of sweat, and almost as one they decide they cannot take it any longer. They roll onto the gym floor and french while holding each other, exploring the other's body with their powerful hands. Pushing and pulling each other, supporting themselves with their huge arms and muscular bodies, they finally get their pesky clothes off and find themselves at the beginning of one of the best nights of their lives. For videos like this and much more with sexy men showing off their big biceps, visit

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