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bite Porn Videos

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The angular edges of glistening white teeth cut through the air and land on the spongy skin that surrounds a nipple. Behold it all on Spankwire now. They drag slowly and gently downwards, connecting with the slightly thicker, slightly darker, skin of the areola. The nipple tightens, stands erect, and sends shocks of electric energy coursing through the man's body towards every limb. The pearly whites tease the dimpled skin tenderly, allowing room for an occasional lap of tongue to wet the area of focus. Fangs then slide down pectoral muscles, along the abdomen, and towards the tall-standing soldier of a cock that extends outwards in anticipation and anxiety. They leave red tracks of raised but unbroken skin in their wake, swirling down his sculpted form like wild forest paths or unrestrained bodies of water. The hair on the man's lower half stands on end as the teeth get closer. His gluteus muscles tighten, and he feels firm hands claw at their shape. A soft, wet, and warm mouth wraps around his screaming member smoothly. God, what a feeling! After two full gulps, the teeth begin to tease the tip. They scrape without damaging, massaging the cum towards release. They roam away for a moment, only to sink into the hard shapely curves of his behind. It's almost as if his trying to grab entire cheeks in one bite. As his nibbles hungrily at the man's back like a hyena hard-at-work on the day's catch, the man seizes and sends cords of cum, whiter than teeth, launching the opposite direction.

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