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body Porn Videos

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Bodies fill the room, nearly all of them stark naked and covered in muscles. It's almost a celebration of the human form in itself. The naked men pack into corners and fill the space with their masculine shapes. Some dance wildly, grinding on each other's dicks or groping playfully to the trance-inducing sounds of the adult techno that pumps from high-vaulted speakers on every walls. Some men sit in a circle massaging the cock to the right of them in a classic circle jerk. Others are lined up train-style pounding each other's rears like an uninhibited conga line. Low moans from deep in the men's bodies fill the room and build towards cacophony. The room is a blur of moving muscles. One glance of the eye spots twenty cocks or more. Some rods spray warm cum long distances to land on brawny asses or smooth pink lips. Tongues explore assholes like Lewis and Clark travelling the Americas. The sounds of sucking lips add a higher pitched frequency to the guttural moans. Strong hands run fingers through curly hair on heads and pubic mounds here on Spankwire. There's ass as far as the eye can see, most of eat being eaten like juicy steaks by these protein hungry beefcakes. In one corner a man lies on his back, benching close to two-hundred pounds while his cock is licked like warm apple pie with whipped cream. He moans softly, either from pleasure or the gentle pain of getting muscles to grow to the size of melons. In the opposite corner, man dips his balls into another man's mouth. The balls get swirled around in his mouth while cum showers down on his head.

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