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bodybuilder Porn Videos

There are 36 results.


If what you are in the mood for is a sexy stud with rippling muscles, then spankwire is the place for you. We have more in the way of bodybuilder porn than we know what to do with, so please: give us a hand in enjoying it. When you see just how ripped and ready these gym bunnies have gotten there's no way you won't enjoy it as much as we do. Their bodies are toned and tight all over... and we mean all over. Just envision the classic scene: after a long and hard workout these beasts retire back into the locker room. With what starts as a single look of admiration at the others' bodies, one thing leads to another and before you know it they have decided to give up on changing all together and head to the showers. As the first two pair off and fall back into a corner, grinding up and jerking each other off, the rest quickly fall into line and join in. The party doesn't stop until each and every last one of them is satisfied. Now we know why they like to work out so much! For videos like this, and so much more to do with gay bodybuilders, visit!

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