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chinese Porn Videos

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The year is 1911 – Beijing has been seized by civil uprisings and mass unrest is spreading throughout the countryside. Imperial control is waning and, next year, for the first time in thousands of years, China will no longer be ruled by a dynastic system. These are times of chaos, and yes, times of passion. A rebel, fighting against the imperial powers, spends a rainy night in hiding with fellow revolutionaries, and it seems as if there's nothing to keep them warm but a dying fire, cold noodle soup and…each other. They lay side by side on old wood-slatted floors and damp blankets, caressing each other's smooth bodies; fingers trail down across the peaks and valleys of ribs, circle around perked nipples, trailing through tufts of jet-black pubic hair and grasping rock-hard dicks. The patter of rain outside the open window is just enough to drown out the sighs of pleasure emanating from within. What was before a huddled mass of cold renegades is now a gorgeous symphony of sweating bodies, hungrily filling themselves with each other. One man, on his hands and knees, eagerly holds another's engorged dick in his hand and feeds it into his tender asshole. Both men look upward, faces illuminated by dim candlelight, moaning in ecstasy. This continues all through the long night, and the break of dawn leaves the blankets a little more damp and the men a little happier. For the best Chinese gay porn videos around, visit today.

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