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cmnm Porn Videos

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An interesting type of porn these days is ‘'clothed male-naked male'', also known as CMNM. If you're interested in knowing more, or watching some for yourself, come to Spankwire today and you'll be fully up to speed! Essentially, it's pretty self-explanatory, in the sense that it includes at least two men, one of which is butt-naked, and the other is completely clothed. It can be a very sensual feeling, knowing that you're going to have to keep all your clothes on, while the other gets to expose all the goods. Knowing that your naked partner has the option of being touched, and your skin will remain covered. It's a form of teasing that can lead to great fun ad pleasure! Either they can enjoy some over-the-clothes stimulation in the form of stroking and rubbing or you can take turns, and the one who remains clothed is the one you has to give the pleasure to the other, and then the roles are reversed and the receiver becomes the giver. It also leaves some of the fun to your imagination; how big is his member under all those clothes? Is he hairy, or shaved? Does he have any tattoos or piercings hidden? All in all, it's a very interesting form of play, and you can get fully informed and aroused here at

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