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dark Porn Videos

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Two dark men stand across from each other. They look like wrestlers, their mountainous onyx bodies taking up space like giants. They stand close to seven feet tall, with long ebony cocks dangling thickly between their legs. Muscles swell across every inch of their colossal forms. Only inches of space separate them, and, as they lock, eyes their massive scepters grow towards each other. Their wet lips extend and meet softly. Pink tongues travel across black lips to dance as one. Their cocks now race to catch up, and their enormous tips touch together. They pull each other together, their cocks now pressing together like parallel pillars. One of the men's hands, twice the average size, rushes downward to grasp the two penises. It rubs them together passionately. Precum twinkles on both tips, moistening their connection. The second man falls to his knees to lap it up. He strokes himself as he takes the mouthful eagerly. He licks up and down the obsidian sausage hungrily. It's so big. It's all he can do to wrap his lips around it. If his mouth can't fit it, maybe he can squeeze it elsewhere. He turns around, rests his cheek on the soft carpet, and arches his back. He's inviting him in. He closes his eyes, begging pure sensation. He feels a gentle pressure as the Portobello sized tip asks entry into his body. He welcomes the black tip into himself. God, it's so big. More and more of it slides inside until he's full. It's throbs inside him and explodes. Only has dark gay videos this hot!

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