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fat Porn Videos

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You walk into the bedroom wearing only a towel, warm beads of water from the shower still sliding down the folds of your body and speckling the ground beneath. Across from you, lying supine on the Egyptian cotton sheets that stretch towards four corners on the bed, lies a round man. His soft pink scepter pulses slowly in the evening air, horizontal to the sheets, nearly hidden beneath the curves of his great belly. As your eyes trace the wavelike flesh that presses down and indents the mattress, you feel your own rod begin to awaken and press lightly against the damp towel. In a matter of seconds your body has freed itself of the clothe restraints naturally, teasing the towel's knot loose of its own accord. You move towards the bed, reaching for the chubby skin, now only inches away. The tips of your fingers connect with his plump rear. Chills run down your spine. As your hands rove across every inch of his chubby body, you celebrate his fatness. Only this much man would be enough. Your bodies press together, and the doughy cushion of each soften the pressure of bone against bone. You run your tongue along ass cheeks as large and round as balloons. Your burry your face deep into the crack, losing your head entirely in his warm, supple expanses. It seems like weeks before you're forced to resurface, gasping for air. As you turn his heavy body over, you lift his stomach to find his pink tip and swallow it whole. Only takes you this far into the mountainous realms of wonderful fat videos.

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