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forest Porn Videos

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Pulsing sunlight flares through the emerald canopy above, casting moving shadows across the soft loose soil beneath and warming the tops of twigs that lay scattered like shrapnel on the forest floor.  Unseen birds call back and forth to each other in sporadic bursts of high-pitched racket.  Their chirping songs shape the ambient background for the two men, naked as dawn, wrapped together in gyrating ecstasy below.  As the sun heats the men's soft pink skin, their movements quicken.  Earth presses together under their heaving backs, hardening into compact imprints of their muscular limbs.  Their impassioned breathe mists low-lying plants that lean forward to absorb the welcome moisture.  To walk onto this scene unknowingly, a curious hiker or disoriented tourist, would be to play witness to something far more animal than anything the forest itself offers.  Fingers, caked in dirt until unrecognizable, run up and down the malleable flesh that stretches head to toe.  The two men rock together as one, slowly becoming more and more a part of the very land they writhe on.  Sounds of pleasure, almost unfamiliar in their intensity, blend with the rustling of leaves in tall-standing trees to create a soundscape that raises the hair on neighboring squirrels.  As the volume of their lovemaking builds towards chaos, clouds steal the sun and provide much needed coolness.  With two final quaking groans, the men experience release and fall back, now as individual bodies, quivering in total peace.  Only has gay forest videos this amazing.

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