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friend Porn Videos

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It's ten years after you first moved into the suburban cul-de-sac, and Johnny McDougal is still your best friend. Your friendship blossomed out of the stuff of youth: Wiffle ball games, roughhousing, teenage experimentation, and endless free time. You grew up together, and now, as young men departing for college, your relationship is evolving. On your final night together before moving away you're both looking for ways to express your love, and words are not enough. You head down to the lake together as the setting sun paints a creamy orange across the sky. It's a thick night in late August, and you both strip down to skin, barely feeling the boundary between body and air in the deep evening heat. Your eyes fall to the tufts of pubic hair that outline his long pink penis, the curve of his youthfully muscular ass, and the ridges of his toned six-pack. You've looked at him this way before, and he you, but something about the summer heat and impending departure fill you with a new lust. You raise your eyes to his face and realize he's eyeing your body with a similarly feverish thirst. You walk towards each other, silently, and lock lips zealously. Your swelling rods touch, sending tingles coursing through your veins. You both fall to the ground locked in an impassioned wrestling match. It's just like when you were younger, but now something fresh is blossoming. This is new friendship. Your sex will last the night, but your love will last forever. Only has gay friend videos like this!

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