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hospital Porn Videos

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You're spending the night in the hospital after breaking your leg, and despite the pain of the injury, the sheer hotness of all the doctors and staff astounds you and seems to dull the pain. A nurse, a short-haired 18+ young stud of a man, cute and chiseled, comes into your room to check up on you. As he looks over at the monitors, his hand finds its way to your penis, and you instantly perk up. He assures you he just needs to “check something” as he pulls up your hospital gown to reveal a full stiffy. “Inspecting” it, he cups his hand around the base of your cock and puts his mouth around the tip, closing his eyes and stuffing his face with your member. You feel a wave of pleasure running through your body as another sexy nurse walks in and tears off the clothes of the man sucking your dick. He gets on his knees and starts eating the nurse's asshole like a ravenous dog, sucking and licking. Soon enough, the doctor enters and drops his gown to the floor, revealing a gorgeous and muscular body. Suddenly your leg doesn't hurt anymore and you lay the doctor on the bed to give him a taste of his own medicine. As the two nurses fuck off to the side, you ram your rod into his tight ass and fuck him until you cum all over his back. You can say goodbye to doctor-patient confidentiality here at!

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