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Waking from a deep restful sleep to rays of warm sun shining through the window, he pulls the sheets down off of his naked body. He stretches, mobilizing his body for the day to come. He runs a massive hand down the waves of his solid abdomen, runs fingers through the curly tufts of pubic hair beneath, and finally fills his hand with the rigid pole that stands fully erect, ready to seize the day. He hops out of bed, slips on a pair of khaki slacks, and buttons up a shirt. On his way out the door, he reaches into the pocket of his pants and feels a familiar papery sensation on the tips of his fingers. It's a $20 bill. Today is a lucky day. There's magic in the air. He decides to cut through the park today, something he rarely does. In a wooded area of the park he notices a chiseled man, shirtless, stretching. They lock eyes and there's a magnetic connection. Feeling as if the world is his oyster, he walks towards to man. The man walks towards him. They meet in an erotic embrace, pressing lips against each other, running hands across each other's bodies. The man unbuttons his slacks, drops to his knees, and takes his swollen cock into his mouth. This is bliss. His body trembles. He explodes in shaking joy all over the man's face. Only has videos of gay men getting this lucky!

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