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medical Porn Videos

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You're in the hospital for a routine check-up. The doctor's room that you're waiting in is white-walled and neatly organized, with medical instrumentals intentionally placed in various locations on the walls. The space is clean in a clinical manner, but when the nurse enters the room you're washed over with some of the dirtiest thoughts you've ever had. He's tall and muscular, with flawlessly quaffed chestnut hair and muscles that make themselves obvious, even beneath the dull green of his scrubs. You make eye contact, and the penetrating green of his eyes lights a fire in your lower half. He mentions that the doctor needs to finish up with another patient before he can see you, and asks if he can begin the preliminary check-up. He runs the basics, and it's all a blur behind the racing of your heart. Through the fog of your inner lust you hear him ask you to drop your pants so he can run a standard check. You nervously realize that you're sporting a pulsing erection. There's no escape, though. You undo your belt and let your jeans and briefs fall to your feet, revealing a towering pink pillar. He looks at it, looks up, smiles, and makes hungry eye contact. He runs his gloved hand from your balls up to the tip, bends down, and gently takes you fully into the warm wetness of his mouth. You can't believe it! Only has gay medical videos this amazing!

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