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nipples Porn Videos

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Soft pink bumps speckle the area around his nipple, tightening and raising at the tender touch of swirling pink spirals that personalize the fingertips of the man across from him. The man runs his sturdy hands across the flesh that bounds the nipples, causing hairs to stand on end while pushing the blood of his pectorals beneath the skin and leaving massive white handprints on the flesh. The crescent whites of fingernails lightly scrape across the surface, dragging white serpentine trails that wind from collarbone towards the powerful groove that divides left from right breast. Scratches rest like whiteboard chalk for seconds and then fade back and dissolve. As they disappear, the man runs spidery fingers down from the other's breasts, towards his back, along creases of the spine, and rests them on the malleable mound of the lower back. He pulls the man close, their rigid nipples teasing each other into higher states of sensual awareness. A slow bend of knees drags his nipples down across the man's strong stomach, sliding the cold steal of his piercings along tight skin and sending chills spidering out like fractals throughout his body. He lowers himself to a point where the delicate vapor of his breath can mist the bosom in front of him. He sleekly stretches the slippery flush of his rose tongue towards the nipple, painting it leisurely while the other man shudders in delirious frenzy. Only offers up gay nipple videos this titillating!

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