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Some say time is money. Others KNOW that sex is money. Swapping a wet blowjob for a few crisp bills is just about the smoothest transaction possible. Studs will drop to their knees, fill their mouths to the brim with stiff meat, and clean from head to base with the tip of their tongue just to erase their debt. A wad of cash is worth taking a wad of cum to the face, especially because these guys love the stuff. Sex becomes a bartering system in this kind of world. Guys will trade head for a few bucks and then spend those bucks on head. Carefree spending is the name of the game. Splurge and splooge! Blow cash and blow cocks! These buff beefcakes stuff their wallets full of dough while getting their rears stuffed with dick. Even straight lads will strip themselves bare and treat a dick like a melting popsicle on a hot summer's day for a couple of Benjamins. Watch the dollar signs light up their eyes while a furiously stroking man lights up their face with a big misty load. See bills rain down like cum showers all over these men who are just looking to make a hot deal. The folks that say time is money got it all wrong. Sex is money, and spending it has never felt so good. Only gives you an inside look at the raunchy economy of cash for ass, bills for blowjobs, and dick for dollars!

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