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pie Porn Videos

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Everybody loves a nice warm pie fresh from the oven. Sometimes apple, cherry, or key lime aren't enough, though. Sometimes it's a creampie that you're hungry for. Imagine playfully wrestling with a total beefcake here on Spankwire. The two of you roll around on the floor, sweat building on your brows, breath heavy. In your mischievous grappling, your shirt rips. You pull it over you and continue, pausing only to allow him to take his off so that no more ripping is risked. You duck and roll, popping up behind him and surprising him by locking him in a full-nelson. You fingers lock behind his head, and he's at your mercy now. You start to blush, though. Your rock hard dick is pressed firmly between his tough butt cheeks. There's no way he can't feel your throbbing cock; he's going to say something any second. But he doesn't. Instead, he starts grind his muscular ass up and down, drawing moans from deep in your gut. You could almost explode. He bends over, and you slide yourself up and down the crack as if you're rubbing sticks together to create fire on a desert island. You can't take it any longer; you drop your hands from the back of his neck, rip his gym shorts down to his ankles, and slowly press the tip into his quivering butthole. The soft heat inside his body brings you to the edge of orgasm instantly. You erupt inside of him, filling him to the brim.

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