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poppers Porn Videos

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His eyes rise from his lap to meet the camera. A standing lamp behind him casts warm light onto his naked body. Visit to witness the thick hairy flesh of his strong thighs sticking to the leather of the computer chair he occupies like a throne. His back is straight, parallel to the uprights on the chair, and his brawny left forearm relaxes on the arm rest. His right arm and hand, however, pump slowly and resolutely. His grip lovingly strokes the veiny masterpiece of a cock between his legs. The oil on his snake glistens under the illumination overhead. The swelling pink tip fades in and out of view as his palm slides up and down. His eyes are still locked to the camera; this show is for you. The muscles in his calves visible tighten as more and more blood rushes to his ever-growing member. It's thick and long, a veritable sausage in his massive hands. As the pace of his strokes hasten, low moans begin to boil in his lower half and escape his pursed lips. His gigantic appetizing balls draw closer to his body. He must be getting close. You can't just watch at this point, and you begin to massage yourself to the site of his arousal. God, this is hot. He's now rubbing himself madly, lost in the waves of uncontrollable lust. In a flash he leans back in his chair, eyes still locked with the camera, and lets out a beastly moan. He sprays jet after jet of thick white cum across his chest, some strands shooting all the way up to his neck.

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