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retro Porn Videos

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It's a brisk morning in early April, and you've decided to take a walk through the wooded glen just past the park. The morning dew sparkles under early sunlight, birds chirp their morning tunes, and small creatures go about their days. Halfway into the glen, you come across a massive chrome machine with a rusted handle. What could this be? You turn the handle, the door swings open, and you courageously enter. The door closes, there's a whirring sound, and everything goes dark. You open the door and step out into 1950's America. It was a time machine! You try to cool it, but every Daddy-o on the street looks like James Dean and they're all eyeballing you like you're some oddball. You're no party pooper, so you walk up to the first stud that catches your eye and call dibs. After a quick make out, you spin him around and pull down his slacks. You bend him over a Buick Roadmaster and start giving him the go-around. Talk about burning rubber! You pump him hard against that glorious American muscle with your own American muscle. Elvis's hit song “My Happiness” blasts from the Buick radio while you blast the hunk from behind. What a time to be alive! He smokes a cigarette while you fill him to the brim with your vanilla milkshake. The sun begins to set just as you pull your trembling Johnson out of his hot 1950's rear. You're never going to leave. If retro is your vibe, is your site!

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