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condom Porn Videos

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The sound of plastic tearing tickles something deep in his loins and sends a shiver up his spine. It's a noise that has a childlike whimsy to it, the sound of candy wrappers on Halloween or popsicles during summer heat waves. There's a new dimension to this sound. It's a robust and animalistic noise, promising something far sweeter than chocolate. It's the sound of a magnum condom wrapper being ripped open by white teeth that glisten hungrily. As golden flakes of plastic drift in chaotic angles towards the ground, the man walks towards him. His penis stands tall and proud, stretching forward and leading the way. He lowers himself to his knees slowly, letting the other man's eyes soak in the sight of his shapely ass. His neck extends and his lips meet the tip of the man's penis. His hands lie flat on the ground as he tenderly kisses up and down the shaft, again calling up memories of summertime popsicles. He then takes the latex and places it on the tip. He rolls it down to the base with his mouth, sucking the man while he dons him in armor. The condom's now fully secure and wet on the outside, ready for action. He turns around and spreads his cheeks apart. The other man mounts him at once, sliding in easily with his lubricated protection. There's something wildly energized about the safety of this fuck. lets you watch him ride for what seems like hours, aided by the slight desensitization of the condom.

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