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How wonderful it is to slowly the pants off of your man, looking him sharply in the eyes while your hand reaches under the elastic waistband of his underwear, knowing that both of you are about to experience something very special. You kiss him deeply on the lips, then a few times on the neck, his eyes closed with pleasure and excitement. Your fingers stroking his veiny cock, you move your mouth across his chest, lips grazing his frizzy chest hair and hard pecs, across his perfect six-pack. Your tongue grazes his bushy pubic hair as your chin touches the base of his rod. Grabbing the balls gently, like a fresh clementine, you wink slyly at your lover before staring his one-eyed monster right in the eye and lower your lips to it. He sighs in ecstasy as he feels your warm and familiar mouth around his throbbing member, and you smile inside knowing that you're giving him one of the greatest pleasures known to man. You suck hard, like a child enjoying a lollipop, and put all of your strength into pumping your head up and down. His sighs and breaths increase in frequency and volume, and soon turn into full-on moaning. You know what's in store; with a sharp spasm, he lets loose a massive load of cum, shooting joyfully into your throat. You savor its salty taste before gulping it down. Don't look any further for the best cum-eating videos – visit today!

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