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You sit on the edge of the bed watching. The brawny man across from you wears a grey suit, tailored to every detail of his body. There's an appetite in his eyes that you can only guess at how to satiate. He slowly removes his suit jacket, one sleeve at a time, letting it fall the ground. The white button-down shirt beneath hugs his abs tightly and frames his sturdy pectorals. A tie runs down to middle of the shirt, dangling and swaying in the cool breeze that wafts through the open window. You can only imagine what's beneath, and the thought alone has you riled up. He slowly loosens the tie, plays with the cloth between his fingers, and finally runs the tie between his legs and pulls it up between his firm ass. He then releases the tie to the floor and begins to unbutton his shirt. The strong skin beneath peeks out and sends chills snaking along your arms. He throws the now entirely removed shirt at you playfully while he undoes his belt. As the top button of his pants comes undone, your erection points skyward. The sound of his fly being unzipped encourages you to start stroking your wang. The pants fall, revealing tight white briefs. His cock is hard against the cotton, and you see the outline of his swelling mushroom tip. He gently pulls the briefs down, now standing stark naked before you. Only has gay strip videos this hot!

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